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Students who are prepared for internships, enrolled in M-DCPS academy programs of: Engineering, Finance, Health Sciences, Hospitality & Tourism and Information Technology, as well as CTE programs.   

Already Insured

Already Insured

Interns come covered by accident insurance; therefore, there is no employer liability.

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Students receive academic credit; compensation can be via payroll or tax-deductible stipend.

Internship Provider Orientation Presentation

2019 Internship Provider Handbook


If you have questions, please contact the Internship Hotline at 305-693-3005.

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Faith Kennedy. General Manager. Seagull Hotel Miami Beach

Our company has been hiring interns for 20 years, we find the students are well prepared by their teachers from job interviews to work ethics. It is a pleasure to watch them grow from high school students to college students and even some in current management positions. We are fortunate to have this program available to our young students.

Faith Kennedy

Alex Funkhouser

Alex Funkhouser. President. SherlockTalent.

Over the past dozen years, the interns we've hired have made long lasting, highly beneficial contributions to SherlockTalent's strategic goals and objectives. For example, they have developed software for our mobile applications and managed social media campaigns. The interns help us build IT community and prepare for large IT events. After their summer internships, they often stay on with the company throughout the year.